Protect Your Pet

Tick Prevention Products
There are many different products on the market today that protect your pets from tick-transmitted diseases. The most popular tick bite prevention products are topical sprays and spot-ons. Correctly and timely applied to your pets skin, these products can greatly reduce the chances of tick bites. Products that kill on contact will keep your pet from bringing in ticks that may pose a risk to you or your family members.

In the Northeastern U.S., it is recommended to have your pet vaccinated against Lyme disease-causing bacteria. A vaccine is available for dogs that significantly reduces the chance of contracting Lyme disease even when bitten by an infected tick. No vaccine or repellent is 100%, but combining immunization with once-a-month tick preventive treatments provides your dog with the maximum protection against ticks Lyme disease.

A great way to keep ticks off your pets is to keep your pets away from the ticks. Create a tick-safe zone so your pets are safe and also keep them from bringing ticks home to your family. Use solid fences or invisible fences to contain your pet to the tick-safe zone. When your pets come inside grooming them will help you to spot any ticks they may have on them. Because they have thick fur, ticks may take a while before biting a dog or cat.